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FuelBox Appearance on the Executive Hire Show Next Year

We are extremely excited to announce that we will be returning to the Executive Hire Show next year. After an extremely successful appearance this year we are delighted to be attending next year at stand E42.


Please take a look at this article written by Executive Hire Show about our appearance last year and what you can expect if you come –


What is the FuelBox?


If you are new to the FuelBox then we would love to share a few key points with you on what the FuelBox is and why it is so successful.


The Fuelbox to sum up is a modern replacement of 20l jerry can. It holds 20l of red diesel fuel in a fully recyclable and storage friendly box.


What are the benefits of the FuelBox?


  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Is a good emergency back up
  • Glug free pouring system which prevents spillages
  • Zero risk of contamination
  • A fast, efficient , easy to handle refueling system.
  • And many more

20l jerry can



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Alternative to a 20l Jerry Can – (Agriculture and Construction)

A 20l Jerry Can is a life saver for most agricultural and construction vehicles and machinery, however there is still a vital gap between going to collect red diesel with your 20l jerry can and when you initially realised you needed the supply.


For most farmers or construction workers running out of red diesel can have a dramatic effect. Farmers for example use tractors to manage their crops and if they run out of red diesel it can Post delay or even harm the crops, especially if they are at the most critical points within a harvesting season. When this happens it means that the farmer must urgently top up their tanks so that they can continue with the work that needs to be done.


At critical harvesting times it becomes vital that the farmer receives an emergency Red Diesel delivery. Often, even in an emergency situation a fuel tanker cheap jerseys is not able to get out and deliver that day or at peak periods even the next day. This is when a lot of agricultural customers revert to driving to a physical cheap mlb jerseys depot ?????? to collect red diesel themselves, they often do this using a 20L jerry can meaning that they will get the fuel they so desperately require to take back with them.
The problem with this is that sometimes the nearest collection point is miles away or in some circumstances they are not operating at the time of need or do not permit customers to collect red diesel. This then creates a big problem as the customer needs assurance that they will be supplied with fuel, By during the time they wait for the bulk delivery of emergency red diesel.


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Buy 20L Jerry Can

Customers buy 20L jerry can for the convenience of topping themselves up at their nearest collection point in an emergency, cheap nfl jerseys however doing it cheap nba jerseys this way is not always easy and certainly isn’t as quick as it could be.


This is why there is a much simpler stress-free way which is the Fuel box, this allows a customer to store red peppered diesel fuel boxes at their location for emergency situations. Fuel box is a 20L Red diesel supply that you can store in your workplace for up to 2 years! The reason fuel box is so much more efficient wholesale nfl jerseys than a 20L jerry can is because during the time you are waiting for your emergency red diesel you can top up your engine using your fully recyclable 20L fuel box.
Also the red diesel barrel price is extremely cost efficient when you need a full barrel but when you’re just looking for a top up it is much more convenient to be stocked Ideas up on your Fuel box’s.


Technology is constantly moving forward and it is important to move along with technology to be the most efficient and steady working business possible. When people came to collect red diesel the initial thought was to buy 20L jerry can , but now you know about Fuel Box why would you? Fuel box is much easier to use and store, as well as being environmentally friendly and it can also be delivered to you the next working day.
To find your nearest stockists visit this page on our website, and to avoid dishing out on a red diesel barrel price get yourself stocked up on our 20L Fuel boxes.


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