Red Diesel UK: 10 Reasons you should try our boxes

If you want to buy Red Diesel in the UK but don’t know where to buy it, read the following 10 reasons why you should choose The Fuel Box for Red Diesel UK.

  1. Improved cetane rating (boosts power).
  2. Improves combustion efficiency.
  3. Improves fuel consumption.
  4. Reduced visible emissions (smoke).
  5. Protects against wear in fuel pumps / injectors.
  6. Enhances the performance by up to 15% of older engines.
  7. Disperses existing sludge build-up.
  8. Contains demulsifiers to combat water build-up.
  9. Reduces deposit and varnish build-up.
  10. Improves storage stability (By up-to 2 years)

The Fuel Box contains a unique specially formulated Additive System, achieving an outstanding performance over conventional Red Diesel/Gas Oil.