Alternative to a 20L Jerry Can

A 20l Jerry Can is a life saver for most agricultural and construction vehicles and machinery, however there is still a vital gap between going to collect red diesel with your 20l jerry can and when you initially realised you needed the supply.

For most farmers or construction workers running out of red diesel can have a dramatic effect. Farmers for example use tractors to manage their crops and if they run out of red diesel it can delay or even harm the crops, especially if they are at the most critical points within a harvesting season. When this happens it means that the farmer must urgently top up their tanks so that they can continue with the work that needs to be done.

At critical harvesting times it becomes vital that the farmer receives an emergency Red Diesel delivery. Often, even in an emergency situation a fuel tanker is not able to get out and deliver that day or at peak periods even the next day. This is when a lot of agricultural customers revert to driving to a physical depot to collect red diesel themselves, they often do this using a 20L jerry can meaning that they will get the fuel they so desperately require to take back with them.

The problem with this is that sometimes the nearest collection point is miles away or in some circumstances they are not operating at the time of need or do not permit customers to collect red diesel. This then creates a big problem as the customer needs assurance that they will be supplied with fuel, during the time they wait for the bulk delivery of emergency red diesel.

July 23, 2015