Alternative to Drums

Customers who often call up for emergency red diesel delivery’s usually are only after a small quantity to get them through the end of their project. So they often buy red diesel drums as that is the smallest quantities of red diesel most company’s supply.

Fuelbox wants to let customers know that there is an alternative to drums and the average red diesel barrel price. You don’t always have to buy red diesel drums when requesting an emergency red diesel delivery.

Instead you can ring the Fuelbox team and purchase 20L red diesel fuelbox’s to store, ready for when you run out of red diesel and require a top up.

Storing Fuelbox’s allows you to avoid spending on the average red diesel barrel price when you only require a small amount of emergency red diesel.

The Fuelbox is fully recyclable and extremely practical to store, so if you are looking for an alternative to red diesel drums then you have come to the right place!

August 17, 2015