Why use Red Diesel?

There are many reasons why Red Diesel should be used for all off road and agricultural vehicles, but the biggest reason is price.

Red Diesel is considered a rebated fuel and is therefore cheaper than the usual diesel you find at petrol stations (white diesel). This is due to legislation by the British government who acknowledge that Red Diesel users will only be consuming the product for business purposes and it therefore incentivises and supports business owners through lower fuel costs.

If you are looking to make the most of these savings, it is important to make sure you use it in an agricultural vehicle, industrial machinery or off road vehicle.

To help support business owners who qualify for the use of Red Diesel, we at FuelBox, have developed a revolutionary size box which can support operators who want to take a small back up of fuel with them. Whether that be on site, or out on the field when working.

Our 20 litres of Gas Oil, are a UN approved bag in box system, which helps to reduce packaging and plastic consumption by up to 90 percent; compared to the 20-litre rigid packaging alternatives. You can fit up to 90 FuelBox bags inside one 20 Litre Jerry Can!

The FuelBox is extremely convenient and easily transportable. So if you have any questions, need help on your order or to become a stockist, call us on 0333 222 3643. Alternatively, fill in our contact form here. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Fuel for a 1.5 Ton Mini Digger – No More Going to Collect Red Diesel

Here at Fuelbox we supply red diesel to fuel all kinds of machinery and one of these machines is called a 1.5 ton mini digger. Mini diggers are very popular in the construction industry as they are easy to operate with a small footprint, precise operation and cost efficient.

Before Fuelbox came along it was quite common for people to buy 20l jerry can and collect red diesel from their nearest fuel station. Now that Fuelbox is around it makes things a lot easier for construction workers who operate 1.5 ton mini Diggers because they often don’t need to buy bulk or large amounts of red diesel due to the size and needs of their machine.

Fuelbox allows businesses and organisations to be more cost efficient, productive and environmentally friendly. The next time you are thinking about going to collect red diesel, think again because now Fuelbox is around the smooth running and efficiency of your machines doesn’t include long periods of time waiting to be re-fuelled.

The days where you went to buy 20l jerry can are now over!

If you own or operate a 1.5 ton mini digger and are looking to top up on your red diesel or store some red diesel in case of emergencies, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Fuelbox where there will be no longer any need for you to collect red diesel yourself.

Can You Buy Red Diesel, the off road Alternative to White Diesel?

What many people don’t know is that red diesel is exactly the same as white diesel, the only difference is the dye that has been added to differentiate the two.

People who buy red Diesel are only permitted to use it for of road vehicles as it is taxed at a much lower rate and would be illegal to use it as ordinary Diesel to fuel your car.

The reason Red Diesel is cheaper than white diesel is because it is taxed less. The reason it is taxed less is because it is only made for usage on off- road vehicles.

It is important to note however that a recent change in the law allows tractors to buy red diesel and use the roads as long as they are helping with gritting.

Who is permitted to use and buy red diesel?

Red Diesel is used for tractors and diggers mainly but is also used for horticultural equipment and agricultural machinery. Other uses for red diesel can also be for earth moving machinery such as piling and drilling equipment, cranes, generators and industrial heating / cooling equipment.

Fuelbox supply’s only the best quality emergency red diesel to all of our customers and we hope this blog has helped you identify whether you are eligible to use and buy red diesel fuel or not.


Alternative to Drums

Customers who often call up for emergency red diesel delivery’s usually are only after a small quantity to get them through the end of their project. So they often buy red diesel drums as that is the smallest quantities of red diesel most company’s supply.

Fuelbox wants to let customers know that there is an alternative to drums and the average red diesel barrel price. You don’t always have to buy red diesel drums when requesting an emergency red diesel delivery.

Instead you can ring the Fuelbox team and purchase 20L red diesel fuelbox’s to store, ready for when you run out of red diesel and require a top up.

Storing Fuelbox’s allows you to avoid spending on the average red diesel barrel price when you only require a small amount of emergency red diesel.

The Fuelbox is fully recyclable and extremely practical to store, so if you are looking for an alternative to red diesel drums then you have come to the right place!