Key benefits

  • Contains a specially formulated 10 plus additive which enhances performance over conventional DERV/White Diesel and improves storage stability for 2 years.
  • A fast, efficient, easy to handle refuelling system
  • Glug-free pouring system prevents unnecessary spillages
  • Reduces downtime and saves having to leave site to source more fuel
  • Perfect for emergency back-up


Weight per box: 17.9kg

Box size: W26cm D30cm H33cm

Full pallet size*: W80cm D127cm H148cm


Manufacturer model no: A052030 20LBX

Barcode: 0746935356149

Brand name: FuelBox

*Approximate measurements using ‘Euro’ pallet size; pallet sizes may vary.

Our revolutionary bag-in-a-box fuelling system

10+ Diesel Additive® System

FuelBox contains a specially formulated additive system, achieving outstanding performance over conventional DERV/White Diesel. Our Diesel Additive improves storage stability for 2 years.

Suitable for all Diesel engines, including those fitted with DPF, EGR and SCR systems as well as modern machines calibrated to EN590.

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