FuelBox is an innovative and distinct range of branded fuels, AdBlue, and oils, thoughtfully packaged in a convenient pre-filled bag-in-a-box format. This ingenious approach offers a multitude of advantages for both consumers and the environment.

Yes! The FuelBox reduces packaging waste in landfills by 86% and reduces plastic consumption by up to 90%.

Our FuelBox is UN approved and therefore meets the design standard. For secondary containment, on your first order you will receive a storage bund free of charge*. This will fit the pallet size of your order.

For further guidance on storing fuel please visit www.gov.uk/guidance/storing-oil-at-a-home-or-business#exempt-oil-storage-containers.

*when purchasing a full pallet

The FuelBox comprises two parts: the bag that holds the fuel and the box. Firstly, remove the plastic bag element and dispose of in accordance with current waste regulations. The corrugated box can then be disposed of in dry paper/cardboard recycling.

Email us at sales@fuelbox.co.uk or alternatively, contact the FuelBox team today on 01279 425 757.

As a new stockist, on your first order we will provide you with the items below. All free of charge!

  • Storage bund tray
  • Dummy boxes (for display purposes)
  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Pens

To achieve the optimum buying price, stockists would need to purchase a full pallet of 48 boxes.

To see the complete range of available FuelBoxes, including HVO, GTL Fuel, DERV / White Diesel, Kerosene, AdBlue® and Oils, view our range.